Divorce Talk: Choosing the Best Divorce Lawyer for You


After the wedding bells, the long years of marriage, and if it still fails, you may want to surround yourself with helpful individuals who can assert your best interest and rights in dealing with a divorce case. There are many excellent divorce attorneys out there, and most of the time they are recommended by a marriage counselor, therapists or clergy. Your  local bar association may also give you names of lawyers to handle legal divorce cases for you. Some states have formal certifications for lawyers, and it you can afford it, find a certified matrimonial specialist or family law lawyer that will meet your criteria.

When you first meet your Divorce Lawyer, a background check is done through question and answer sessions so your lawyer can gain enough understanding and information about your current situation. You should anticipate that your divorce lawyer  will tell you how the laws work in a divorce case, and what it means for your case, how you will be helped and as well as your expectations. A good divorce lawyer can be ahead of the game, and you can use this for your own advantage if your divorce attorney knows the judges and their personalities and individual biases. An expert and experienced attorney can maneuver a judge’s bias or personality with more firmness and agility compared to someone new in the field. During your first legal consultation, your divorce attorney should be able to explain the fees outright whether he can be paid lump-sum or whether he takes a retainer. Take note that it is important to know all the financial details and read the fine print before signing a legal contract.

Different legal styles are implemented and possessed by divorce lawyers, some are aggressive and tough, while some are soft-spoken or too nice. Whatever your preferences are, the most important thing is  that you are comfortable and confident with your divorce attorney’s legal style. It may help watching your prospective divorce lawyer perform in court before meeting-up, so you have an idea how he works,  because some lawyers are good litigators and some are skilled in the negotiation process. Also take note that if your divorce cannot provide a guarantee if the unused portions will be returned, not to pay any retainer fee.

It is important to ask the right questions from your prospective divorce attorney such as questions concerning general experience like the matrimonial cases handled, the number of cases that went to trial, the number of cases involving custody and support or financial settlements and if he knows your wife or husband. Click here to get started!


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